A digital journal that makes it easy to write every day.
On Mac, PC, tablet and mobile.

A Journal – from analog...

I love writing a journal. It gives me both focus and peace of mind. But: I have had no motivation to write every single day. If you know what I mean... try PlusMinusNext!

White canvas laptop sleeve with gray felt interior, silver zipper, and tan leather zipper pull.

... to digital

PlusMinusNext makes writing as simple as possible. It comes with gestures for mobile, keyboard shortcuts, and above all: A strong focus on simplicity.

Give it a try and start free!

Bruce wrote a journal
Keyboard Shortkeys & Gestures
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A triple tap toggles between the Journal and the Todo page.

Journal page
Add a +
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Add a -> (ToDo)
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On mobile just swipe left and right to jump to the previous or next day.

Todo page
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