I have built PlusMinusNext for myself.

In the past, I struggled to write a daily journal. I had no routine, no system. In James Clear's book Atomic Habits the author describes a proven method to form a new habit: Make it obvious and as simple as possible.

It all started with the simplest version of a journal.
Plus. Minus. Next.

What was good?
What was bad?
What's next?
My ToDo list.

Originally, I did not have a name for my plus, minus and next/todo columns. But after reading an article from Anne-Laure Le Cunff I realized I am not the only one who writes a journal like this. In her article she called it Plus Minus Next journaling and I think it is a perfect name for it.

But... I wanted an even easier solution. Like everyone else, I have a tiny computer in my pocket – my mobile phone. I always have it with me. So I have built a little web app that I can access with my mobile phone. Everywhere, any time.

After using PlusMinusNext for more than 33 months (1034 days), I still keep writing a daily journal. It works for me. I love it.

I hope you have a wonderful day...

... and maybe even write about it.

All the best,