Open Startup

PlusMinusNext is an open startup. Statistics The latest journal entry was written 2 weeks ago. Security For most people (myself included) security is always a big concern. I created PlusMinusNext as a service that I would use myself. This means:

  • PlusMinusNext is only hosted on servers in Germany
  • No third-party services for tracking, fonts, etc. are being used
  • Backups are encrypted
  • When you delete your account all your data will be completely deleted
  • You are in control of your data, and you can delete it at any time
Roadmap PlusMinusNext does not have a public roadmap.

At the moment, I am working on PDF and CSV/Excel Export. It is already working fine but there are still a few things to improve before it is ready to use. Thank you PlusMinusNext is built with Laravel. I love working with Laravel and I am grateful for its awesome community.